Tuesday, March 28, 2006

They are rioting in Paris because Kevin got voted off!

Some thoughts about tonight's episode of American Idol. Tonight House is finally back which means only one hour of Idol. Hmm, last week they needed two hours for 11 people, but this week need only one hour for 10 people. Yeah ok, that makes sense. I guess Kevin was worth a whole hour of prime time programming. This is the "Songs from the 21st Century" show, in other words, in case some of the favorites have been horrible during the theme weeks now they have a chance to remind the viewers why they earned a spot in the top 12. I bet Chris is happy he can sing rock again after..wait a min, ALL he does is sing rock. Song selection tonight will be interesting. With such a wide range of choices, at least one contestant will over think matters and choose the absolutely wrong song; it always happens, normally to one of the front runners. Several of the contestants almost seem more comfortable in older material, such as Kat, Paris, and Elliot. For some reason I think Paris will have a really off night after delivering an unconvincing recent song rendition.
My sources have confirmed that Mandisa is going to sing the "Baby Back Ribs" song. Actually Idol could probably make millions from advertisers if they did a commercial jingle night. How cool would that be? Ryan says, "Please welcome Chris, singing the "Oscar Mayer Weiner" theme. With Kevin now exiled to playing video games in his basement, a very easy theme week, and a streamlined hour long show, tonight's Idol could be the best of all time. Bucky and Lisa, both barely standing, will nail their songs tonight and confuse the heck out of all of us when it comes time to predict Wednesday's bottom three. I am most curious how the producers handle the 'Chris is not original' fiasco. Will they even mention the controversy? If they do, will Ryan explain it away while sitting next to Chris making light of the situation, or will he ask Chris a serious question and give him a chance to explain everything. At least Andy Card is freed from his White House duties so he can take his rightful place by Paula's side as the fourth and most educated judge on American Idol.


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