Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The latest phenomenon for the cable news stations is the attractive missing white girl (AMWG) syndrome. This is where they gather together a panel of 'experts' who sit around for an hour and speculate on what might have happened to the AMWG. Often times there are no facts to bolster their guessing, but hey facts don't make for good television. Luckily there are no missing black women in America. I make this assumption since I never hear about them on the news, so none are missing right? The programmers of the shows say that the girl being attractive has nothing to do with the story, if that's the case why does every lead-in feel the need to mention 'beautiful,' does this make the girl somehow worth more to society. Of course it does! Who wants to find an ugly girl - this is Darwin's theory at work! We can just dismiss them as missing and spend all of our time and resources finding the 'hot' ones.


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