Thursday, March 02, 2006

American Idol Boys Night Top 10

Taylor Hicks - Easy
Too many 'yeahs' and 'whoos'. I know Taylor ‘feels’ the music, but come on there isn't that much to feel on a song like Easy. He had so many unnecessary “whoos” if you raised his voice an octave, made him whiter, gave him a brother named Tito, and threw in some spinning and crotch grabbing he might as well have been Michael Jackson. Show of hands - when you think of what songs Taylor Hicks should sing how many people think ‘hey sing the Commodores!’ It was a pretty good performance, I love his voice, but this was not his best effort. On this slow song I felt like he was trying to force the emotion into it that was naturally there last week with the more fast paced Levon. I hope next week he picks something that suits him better. He should save it until the final 12 but at some point he has to do 'With a little help from my friends.'

Elliot Yamin - Moody’s Mood for Love
Really good vocals on this one, but its basically the same song he sang last week. He obviously can sing this type of music very well. He is doing a great job of picking songs that show off the best parts of his voice. The only thing really lame about his performance is when he said 'do I really see' and pointed to his eye! That's some fancy choreography. Sometimes it feels like he just misses the pitch, I'm starting to think its his style and not a mistake, because he did the same thing last week. He is growing on me, but next week I’d like to see him change up his song selection and do something more rock/pop.

Ace Young - If you're not the one
I think this might be the first Daniel Bedingfield song selection in idol history. Wait you mean someone other than Stevie Wonder wrote songs?? Daniel is no longer the most famous Bedingfield now that Natasha has hit the scene, but people aren't singing her songs on idol yet. I wonder if Daniel will taunt her about that. Some really bad pitch problems in the first part of the song when he was moving in between notes quickly. The falsetto part in the middle of the song was pretty impressive for him, and from that point on he was pretty good. The second time around on the same notes he missed in the first half of the song he nailed. He can definitely sing and has more potential than a 17-year-old European basketball prospect. For such a 'hot' guy he is surprisingly really nervous on stage. He needs to start looking into a mirror and saying 'I’m Ace Young' (like I’m Keith Hernandez) over and over again until he builds up his confidence. Realistically, if Ace came out this week and read from the phone book he would still be safe Thursday night. If Ace does get eliminated he can easily star in the movie showcasing the rise and fall of “Color me Bad.”

What’s up with the judges tonight, the performances are pretty good for this point in the show, better than this point in years past for sure. Perhaps since the girls were so off last night the producers feel the night to slam the guys too, it makes for better TV when the judges are critical instead of a big suck up fest, you know the kind you see at a George W. Bush town meeting.

Gedeon - A Change Is Going To Come
Good he is singing a song that can show off the range we saw in his auditions. He sounds really good, even in the lower register where most idol contestants fall apart. He is so natural on stage. Its like I was flipping through the channels and landed on the 'TIME LIFE BEST OF THE 60s CD COLLECTION and they are showing a clip of a performer on the Ed Sullivan show in 1965, that's how natural he feels. He reminds me of former contestant George Huff, except with a better voice and less bouncing while he sings. It’s a shame the show American Dreams is off the air. On that show they took musical artists from today to portray artists from the 60s; Gedeon would be perfect. He should be safe this week.

Kevin (aka white urkel) - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Dear god, before the commercial Ryan tells us Kevin will be singing Marvin Gaye. What? Didn't someone tell him this could not possibly be a good idea? The same kinda conversation someone should have had with David Caruso before he left NYPD (who wants to bet that Eva Longoria makes the same mistake soon). Now Ryan calls him 'a real gangsta' are the producers trying to make him look ridiculous? This is bad and he hasn’t even starter singing yet. Not since John Stevens tried to sing Crocodile Rock has idol seen such an awkward performance. George W. Bush looked more comfortable on stage at the Coretta Scott King funeral than Kevin does tonight. The judges have been harsh tonight they are going to destroy Kevin. But no! Instead they talk about how cute he is, the patronizing is over the top, thankfully Simon brings a little bit of reality back to reality television and points out how bad Kevin sounded. Based on his vocals Kevin should be gone this week, but he is so 'cute' he might stick around.

Sway Penala - Overjoyed
A Stevie Wonder song, how original Sway. I like how he called american idol a family saver and made a big deal about how this competition brought his mother and father together for the first time in years. Then in the first 20 seconds of his song they show his mom sitting there without his father. I guess the idol magic doesn’t last, since daddy went bye bye this week. Sway is ok, he has his moments but this song is at best ok. He didn't even sound good on the overjoyed part. If you are going to sound bad don't do it on the chorus. He sounded like a really bad carbon copy of the original. Has anyone else noticed Randy always says 'greatest singer in the known world" a lot. Why does he always qualify that statement, is he afraid of alienating a fabulous singer in the unknown world? Sway looks dejected; he says in response, "I'm just having an off day I guess." Way to inspire the people at home to vote for you Sway. He doesn't have the 'aww how cute' factor other contestants do, which means he'll be going home Thursday. I hope he brings back the pimp hat for the elimination show.

Will Makar - Lady
Wow did not see that song choice coming. This has to be the first time someone did a Jackson 5 song and followed it the next week with something from Kenny Rogers. Did he really just get excited over having a picture of him with Justin Guarini? I bet Justin, who is now working the cash register at a Kash & Karry in Muncie Indiana is touched. Will sounds much better than I expected, like a young Donnie Osmond. This is actually a pretty good performance. I thought Will should go last week, now I’m glad he didn't. The judges don't give him nearly the props they should from his rebound over last week, but Ryan congratulates him by pulling his shirt out of his pants. I won't discuss the disturbing fact that Ryan has never tried to undress any of the very attractive girls on the show and instead starts with a 17 year old boy. Will laughed a little too much when Simon warned him to get off the stage quick, does the Ryan undressing thing happen a lot when the camera is off? Maybe he had his own "sessions" with Corey Clark!

Bucky Covington - Thunder Rolls
I actually like this country song. Thankfully Bucky doesn't try the gravel voiced thing again this week, he has a pleasant voice, but not enough substance to sing a Garth song. I wonder if the idol producers let him have the day off a couple weeks ago to watch the 500. One thing is for certain - Bucky doesn't have the number 24 on his pickup truck. This performance is 'so what.' His voice lost seniority when he tried to hit the lower notes in the song, which is normally the best part about male country vocals. He also has very little personality on stage as he kinda stands there and looks confused into the camera. Unless Nascar nation steps up Bucky might be heading home.

David - The Way You Look Tonight
If Bucky doesn’t have enough personality on stage, David has TOO much. He is trying so hard to look cool on stage he instead looks like someone is shocking him with a low voltage taser throughout the song. His voice has a nice texture to it and he hits some really pretty notes but overall it feels really forced. He needs to watch some tapes of Tony Bennett and Mel Torme to get his act down. At the end of the song I would have liked a big finish rather than the understated take it low approach. If you are going to sing Frank, show us what you can do. He was definitely better than last week, and with his cute factor he might be safe this week.

Chris Daughtry - Hemorrhage
Its nice to have Rockstar back on the air, wait a min, this is still american idol. But it doesn't matter, Chris rocks this song. When you hear a song and think hey this is better than the original, you have the best performance of the night. If Live ever needs a new lead singer they should call Chris. During his song they show "Chris's Friends" in the audience, just once I want them show someone's enemies. Do some research on Kevin, find out who has been beating him up at school and fly them in, sit them in the front row, and then show them with the caption "Kevin's Enemies." Tonight Chris looked like a man among boys, the only performance that was a 'wow'. He is super safe this week.

Final Thoughts -
Every week Ryan warns us that the numbers are 866...not 800. What happens if you call the 800 numbers? Is it the secret NSA phone line? Is it a phone sex company? I really want to know, someone please call the 800 version and tell me what happens. Bring back the 'Seacrest out' Ryan, we all miss it. Instead he says 'I’ve been Ryan Seacrest'.” He's been Ryan Seacrest? Why is it past tense, does he cease to be Ryan when the show ends? The guys put on a better show than the girls this week. However a lot of the frontrunners didn't do as well as they could have. Anything could happen Thursday. Kevin, Sway, David, Bucky, and Will should all be a little nervous. Sway and Bucky have no 12-year-old girls incessantly texting votes for them, which means they probably sang their last song tonight.


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