Thursday, March 06, 2008

Men like to Sing

“8 guys are chasing 6 places in the top 12, unfortunately two of them will fail. The math is easy but performing in front of 30 million people isn’t. This is American Idol.” You really have to love the way Ryan opens the show every night. I wonder if he has writers or makes this stuff up on his own. Tonight’s 80s theme should allow the Idols a better chance to pick a song they are comfortable with, however, in the case of young David he wasn’t even born yet when these songs were popular.


He reveals his most embarrassing moment is when he sang on Idol the last two weeks. Ok actually it was about how his sister used to dress him up like a ballerina, and of course the Idol producers have a picture to prove the story. Wow, of all the songs form this decade I wouldn’t have imagined Luke picking this one. Danny maybe, but not Luke, or maybe David H., basically one of the gay guys. And why isn’t Luke wearing the super short shorts, if you are going to sing this song go all the way! Considering Luke barely survived last week and then they put him first in the rotation, I dare say the Idol gods would like Luke off the show now! Not even his fellow contestants are enjoying this song; only one of them is dancing on the balcony. Luke sounds ok on the song. He prefers the upper register, but unlike George he cannot go down into a rich tenor at the beginning of the phrases. He has almost no confidence and I think he is boring even himself. Fans of Luke I recommend you cherish this moment because this is the probably his penultimate performance. Randy says its started out tough for him and he felt like Luke was rushing through the song and getting ahead of the band. Of course he was rushing Randy, he knows he sounded horrible and wants to get off the stage as quick as possible so he can go look in a mirror again. Randy was surprised by Luke’s song choice and thinks the whole thing was a little corny. Despite Randy just trying to keep it real, the women in the audience boos. Paula is also surprised by the song choice and guess what she choreographed George’s tour. She thanks him for not wearing the short shorts, but loves Luke’s instrument. She simply loved his interpretation – the camera shows Luke’s family who is so happy Paula is one of the judges so their son gets a little credit every Tuesday night. Simon did not like Luke tonight and says he has no chance of advancing into the top 12. “It wasn’t very good Luke, sorry,” he says. A very sad looking Luke tells Ryan he just wanted to have fun and do something up-tempo. Luke has a pleasant voice, but it is not distinctive and should be kept within a group where he could hit some high notes and compliment his fellow singers; or maybe as a back up singer, but not on American Idol. Luke will go home on Thursday night.


As they stand on the balcony Ryan says that David A. is thirsty yet has to pee. David, legitimately this time, looks embarrassed, unlike all the times he looks embarrassed when the judges compliment his singing. David’s embarrassing moment came when an organization flew him down to Honduras to sing at a fundraiser. Huh? What? Are you serious? This kid is getting flown into Central America to sing at fundraisers and he is still shocked that people compliment his singing. Sigh. Anyway, after they went to all the trouble to fly him in, he chocked, could not remember the lyrics, and his mom ran on stage singing the rest of the song instead. Interesting, David A. is at the piano, I figured we’d see Brooke here before anyone else. He has slowed down the melody, I wonder if like his cover of Imagine last week he is stealing this version from someone else or if he came up with it on his own. He sounds good, but I do not like his trademark ‘I’m going to extend the last note of a phrase really long in my higher register.” Sure it sounds good, but why do it every time, once and awhile, but otherwise he will become extremely predictable. He is also varying the melody, placing hesitation on some of the words. I give him credit for trying to make the song his own, but I do not like his alterations. Halfway through the song he gives up the piano and takes center stage so he can assume the serious song pose. This is a pretty good performance, but his vocals are not as good as last week. David sounds nice on this song, his voice is good, but unlike the rest of American I find his voice devoid of distinctiveness, it is a nice voice to be sure, but I don’t hear this voice and immediately think ‘hey that’s David Arculetta.’ Randy says he has never heard anyone, in his entire life, sing a song as well as David just did. Ok I made that up, in fact, he even notes that David had a few pitch problems. Randy is immediately fired from American Idol for having the audacity to say something less than glowing about the messiah. Paula loved the fact David missed a few notes because it reminds us he isn’t perfect. She thinks David has a great ability to pick the right songs to showcase his ability. Simon doesn’t think David was as good as last week and warns him to avoid being so gloomy all the time. He thinks David would have been better served by staying at the piano. However, he predicts David might make it to the top 2 and will definitely make it into the top 12. David tells Ryan he picked this song because it brings attention to those around the world that have nothing because the song talks about people that don’t have homes. Good lord are you serious? If David really is this nice then he should immediately be charged with running the world. As they go to break we see that Danny and David H. are up next. It’s almost like they both share something in common.


Look there is Denise Richards in the audience. See if she was still married to Charlie Sheen she couldn’t attend amazing shows like American Idol. Danny’s most embarrassing moment should be that video he made that is all over the internet, but instead he tells us about the time his friend tripped him at the movies. He is doing his own version of the song, and not surprisingly, his alterations are not an improvement. His voice gets a little lost in the lower register and this jazz version is getting more and more annoying. This is just all around weird. Danny can sing yet it’s like he is trying to avoid singing and just shimmy around the stage instead. This is one of the rare times a shorter performance would have better served the contestant; he is losing steam every second. Danny is really not helping himself advance. But he might have just guaranteed himself a spot in a drag queen review. Randy starts by saying ‘yo dawg,’ then tells Danny that it was pitchy, but unlike me, he actually like the arrangement. He wants Danny to have more confidence in his voice while he sings. Paula love show Danny is a bright light in the competition and thinks his sensitive side compliments his spicy side, but she wants him to take the purple out of his hair. Simon, who doesn’t care about hair, thinks Danny was horrible, the whole thing, he hated the vocals, the arrangement, and everything about the performance. While Ryan and Danny talk about the purple hair Paula blurts out Danny is fantastic because this is a singing competition.

David “I like to dance naked for men who pay me to sit on their laps” H.

His embarrassing moment is the time he sat through an entire photo shot with a booger in his hair. David has no real lower register, at least not on this song and he is standing pretty still. Shouldn’t a stripper know how to ‘work it’ and move around the stage with a little flare? He is having more pitch problems tonight than last week and he really has pitch problems on the second big note. It’s like he is throwing a knife at a bulls eye and just barely missing the center of the target. This is just a little better than ok performance. Randy likes David H. doing his thing, but heard the pitch problems on the big notes. Paula feels like David H. is finding this grove and becoming a very good performer. Simon doesn’t think David was as good as last week, however he thinks David has 100 percent secured a spot in the top 12. Such effusive praise from Simon can only mean one thing – he wants a lap dance before David goes home. David might be in trouble, despite Simon’s prediction. David Cook is coming up after the break, so get the tivos running.


Yeah about that whole David Cook thing – WRONG, because of a technical glitch, not being able to work David’s guitar, he will go later in the show. Michael is sitting in the Coke room with Ryan and he says he wants to make a rock album with a little bit of dance music involved. Going out of turn is truly not fair to Michael and could derail a less experienced performer, but the 53 year old Johns should be ok. His most embarrassing moment is when he was dressed as a kangaroo and four guys jumped him and beat him up in front of 20,000 people. But really, who hasn’t had that happen to them at least once in their lives. Great song choice, and like he does most of the time, he is putting his own spin on the song. He even kicks it up with a key change near the end. Michael’s style is so fluid I could picture him singing in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and even today. This is the best of the night by far. Randy loves the aussie and says he reminds him of the deceased front man for INXS. So look for Michael to hang himself in a few years. Paula is glad that Michael is defining himself as an artist and thinks this was the perfect song choice. She loves his strength in the lower notes and his presence. Simon liked it but didn’t love it and thinks Michael is hugely talented but hasn’t’ quite connected on the right song choice. He prefers him singing soul than rocking, but he does really like him and thinks he will go far in the competition.

David Cook

Did they get the guitar to work? Yes, we know because David just strummed a chord for Ryan. David’s hide your head in shame came when he was in a talent competition and he forgot the second verse of his song, when suddenly David A.’s mother ran on stage and sang the rest of the song…whoops sorry I thought he was David A. for a second. Wow this is totally not the song I expected when I think electric guitar. His hair looks more normal this week and this is actually kind of cool. His vocals are pretty good with a few screams thrown in throughout. However, without holding his guitar, I’m not sure how much I would be enjoying David Cook, but he has it, and I’m digging the white Lionel. Vocally this is not the best of the night, but it might be the best performance. Randy loves that David turned a Lionel Ritchie song into an emo song. Paula loves the song and thinks this could be a hit song today. She predicts David Cook with be a great shinning star. Simon says David was very brave tonight…pauses…then says he loved it. He commends David for taking such a big chance. Not only does he think Lionel would like this version, he says he was just in the supermarket with him while he was buying carrots and Lionel was buying cereal. Simon really hopes David is safe and we see him next week. Simon’s wishes should come true.David should be safe on Thursday.

Jason Castro

His worst moment came during a date when something happened with his hair and a girl. I am not really sure Jason is saying because he is borderline incoherent. I assume Jason’s interview shyness explains his inability to communicate his story. This song has been overdone on television the last few years (OC anyone?), but he is doing his own unique version. His choice to avoid using the guitar provides more intimacy and the light shining down on him from behind creates an ethereal quality. Jason stands up halfway through and finishes out the song with a very sincere vocal. He is really doing a good job. Randy says it was alright, especially on such a difficult song. He gives him props and thanks him for not using the guitar. Paula says Jason sang the song with ease and she loves his beautiful vulnerability. Jason is what she loves about this season, specifically his phrasing. Simon says the Jeff Buckley version of this song is one of the favorites and despite the tall order, he thinks Jason was brilliant. He thinks Jason is getting better and better. Jason thanks the judges for their kind words and assures Ryan he is getting better at interviewing.


His most embarrassing moment came in a bathroom. He used the same bathroom over and over again when suddenly he heard an older white man tapping his foot in the next stall. Actually, it was embarrassing because he was using a women’s restroom, which explained why there were no urinals. He has a Reuben Studdard feel tonight and sounds good. Is this his audition song, or do they just sound alike? He has a nice transition into his falsetto, but unlike last week this song is failing to connect. He is unable to find the right notes at the end of the song. This is an ‘almost really good but there is just something not really working for me’ performance. Randy thinks Chik picked an interesting song but did a good job with it, despite surprising himself with the last note. Paula wanting a more upbeat song but thinks Chik’s vocals were really good. Simon asks if this was a Whitney song, as soon as Chik says yes Simon says it didn’t work. Huh? So if Whitney did not sing the song it would have worked? To Chik’s credit, when Simon asked him if Whitney sang it, he started listing off every person who has ever sang the song. I’m impressed. Simon feels Chik was more cabaret than last week and doesn’t think this song was a wise move. Randy chimes in the song finished up strong and Chik deserves a spot in the show next week. Thankfully, Chik didn’t make any rude comments towards Simon, which should get him a few extra votes.

Final Thoughts

Luke is gone. Joining him should be either David H. or Danny. If it’s not then someone who performed pretty well is going home.


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