Tuesday, February 19, 2008

They'reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Baccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk

The people of Wisconsin are excited and inspired today. They get to cast their votes and maybe even make history. Of course, I am not talking about the Wisconsin primary, I’m talking about the return of the top 24 on American Idol (more people in Wisconsin will watch Idol tonight than will bother to vote). The early “freak” rounds are over and the survivors of “Hollywood Week” are ready to sing for our votes. I have seen most of the men sing already, but like every year a few slipped through the preliminary rounds barely seen and never heard. Despite not knowing anything about a few of the contestants, I am man enough to predict the male component of the top 12. This is merely for my amusement, so please, no wagering.

David Archuleta

Preliminary Exposure: David got almost as much airtime as Randy Jackson. We not only heard him but we got to know his story. Let’s face it, when you have once lost the ability to sing you are going to get some sympathy votes.
Ability: He really can sing. He has a pleasant voice, tailor made for ballads and ‘pretty’ songs. However, I wonder how he will do with a harder song that requires a little edge or a country song, or a song with a complicated rythmn.
Demographic: He will get the Jordin Sparks/Sanjaya vote along with a lot of older voters. He has perhaps the largest collection of potential votes. Teenage girls will love his adorableness and wear out the number pad on their phones texting and calling for the soon to be teen idol.
Prediction: He will make the top 12
Confidence in Prediction: 10 (10 means I’m positive – 1 means who knows)

Michael Johns

Preliminary Exposure: Almost as much as David, although I don’t think he ever lost the ability to sing. He got a plush spot during Hollywood Week where they featured him singing Queen better than most people can.
Ability: He is really good, maybe the best male singer we heard in the early rounds. He has a strong rich voice and his age should provide him with the experience necessary for toggling between different musical styles.
Demographic: He will have a lot of girls voting for him, if for no other reason listen to his accent, like omg! He is also manly enough to get the male vote as well.
Prediction: He will make the top 12.
Confidence in Prediction: 10

Danny Noriega

Preliminary Exposure: He had a significant amount, including a brief glimpse of a possible gay companion. If Danny is openly gay I wonder how idol will handle his relationship. Would Fox, on a family show, talk about his partner, or just refer to him as ‘his good friend.’ I am betting they will not change that graphic that says “Danny’s Friends” when they show the audience to “Danny’s Homosexual Lover.”
Ability: Despite his melodramatics, Danny has a really good voice, but like David I worry about him singing different styles of music.
Demographic: He has the Clay vote locked up, however if he is too much of a Diva, he could alienate potential voters. He needs to refrain from talking back to the judges; if he remains humble he will be in excellent shape.
Prediction: He will make the top 12.
Confidence in Prediction: 8

Jason Castro

Preliminary Exposure: Almost none, I have not heard him sing on the show but I did listen to him on Youtube.
Ability: He has a nice pleasant sound and should excel on pop/rock songs, but I have no idea how we’ll handle a ballad or a country song.
Demographic: He has the vote of ‘people who love crazy hair’ locked up. He should also get a lot of girls voting for him. He is this year’s Blake – a bit quirky look but talented.
Prediction: He will make the top 12.
Confidence in Prediction: 7

Chikezie Eze

Preliminary Exposure: He had a lot, even some back story. He seems like a nice guy and should earn some bonus points for his likeability.
Ability: He sounds pretty good, like a slim fasted Reuben Studdard.
Demographic: He will get the votes of R&B lovers. Since he is the only one in the top 12 I know will sing with this style, he should have a strong voting bloc.
Prediction: He will make the top 12.
Confidence in Prediction: 6

Robbie Carrico

Preliminary Exposure: He had a lot, we saw Robbie in the auditions and in Hollywood.
Ability: He sounds pretty good, he has a nice voice but I am not sure if he can be dynamic.
Demographic: He will get the Ace Young vote. He already has the beanie cap ready to go. He is attractive enough to get the ladies votes while still manly enough to get male votes as well.
Prediction: He will make the top 12.
Confidence in Prediction: 5

David Cook

Preliminary Exposure: David got plenty of screen time, but he sounded better in the initial audition than he did in Hollywood.
Ability: He has a nice voice, but he sounds like a less talented Michael Johns.
Demographic: Unfortunately for David, the same as Michael Johns, which ensures he will not get enough votes.
Prediction: This is very hard, he might be able to slip by Robbie, but I think he will NOT make the top 12.
Confidence in Prediction: 5

Colton Berry

Preliminary Exposure: He got some air time in Hollywood Week, including the much coveted last spot in the top 24.
Ability: He sounded pretty good, like he was ready to join a boy band immediately.
Demographic: Unfortunately for him, the same as David A.
Prediction: He could slip in, but he will not make the top 12.
Confidence in Prediction: 5

David Hernandez

Preliminary Exposure: Very little until a really good Hollywood Week audition.
Ability: He can sing, but he sounds like a cookie cutter type singer that will bore you after the first 30 seconds.
Demographic: I’m not sure he really has one, which is why…
Prediction: He will not make the top 12.
Confidence in Prediction: 10

The Remaining Guys

I have heard nothing from Garret Haley, Jason Yeager, or Luke Menard, because they received no exposure during the preliminary rounds. Although the deck is stacked against them, Bo Bice and Elliot Yamin proved little exposure doesn’t always mean certain death. They have no room for error though, and one bad performance earns them a bus ticket home. Garret will lose votes to David and Danny. Jason and Luke will probably be competing to steal votes away from Michael Johns. If any of these three pick the right song and sing well, they have the chance to make me look silly.


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