Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where the boys aren't....

Thanks to some people that have more free time than even President Bush, I know the song choices before the girls perform. Unlike the guys last week, the girls mostly performed really well, which means someone is due to have a huge let down tonight.

Carly and Kady both picked Heart songs; they should be able to power out some big notes, and in the case of Kady, add a little spunk into her singing. Syesha and Alex will both be really boring tonight unless they add a little something new to their 70s songs. Ramiele, the darling last week, also selected a boring song, but last week she tempered down a big song so this well I’m guessing she kicks up a small song. Kristy, flu girl, should be able to redeem herself with her song. All season long people have compared Brooke to Carly Simon, so of course tonight she is singing Carly Simon. This could be good or bad, since people expect her to be great on this song, she might not live up to expectations, but I think she’ll do fine. The star of the night should be Amanda. She gets to sing a classic rock anthem that should have the entire place rocking. Hopefully she sings it this time and doesn’t just growl in the lower ranges of her voice. The most powerful moment should come from Asiah. Her father died while living in his car…what…or sorry I accidently combined her story with Josiah. Anyway, her father died recently so she is literally all by herself now, which should (assuming she sings well) make for a tear jerking moment. Hey if Paula cries over David’s overdone Imagine Paula should be a nervous wreck when Asiah is done.

“Millions of families are watching, there can only be one show, this is American Idol,” says Ryan to open the show. His introductions are getting more and more abstract. Hey look, David Cook is busting out the hat tonight. I guess since he isn’t performing tonight he can’t be bothered to fix his hair. Robbie also has his head covered. I guess the wig is being cleaned right now. Ryan is totally casual tonight; I guess he is over the whole suit and no tie thing, but I bet he goes back to looking like Dick Clark tomorrow. Ryan asks the judges about song selection. Randy says it’s all about knowing if you sing ballads or up tempo songs best. The songs tonight are all 70s classics. By classics he means songs that did not cost a whole to get their rights.

Carly Smithson

Even though she owns a tattoo shop with her boy, she works in an Irish pub. She loves her house, cooking and cleaning, and getting on stage. I see a future as a singing maid if this whole Idol thing doesn’t work out. She sounds much better than last time. Her voice remains strong on the low notes and she is belting out the higher notes. We are hearing a side of here voice heretofore unheard. She hits the near rebel yell at the end. Unlike Robbie, Carly can pull off the rocker vibe pretty easily. The arm length tattoo on her left arm probably helps a little. Notice she worn an outfit tonight that clearly displayed her body art. This song is not the most melodic, meaning the judges might give her great praise, but this is a pretty good performance, almost outstanding when you consider she was forced to go first. Randy says yo yo yo. He felt she was sharp until the middle and he really liked the ending. It was “alright.” Paula says she can tell Carly loves Heart. She thinks Carly is amazing and welcomes her back to healthy land. Simon thinks she was better than last week, but still doesn’t think she has connected with the right song. He considers her the best female singer, however, she needs to pick a song that connects with people; she has not accomplished this yet. She deserves more praise from the judges, but since she her name is not David A., what can you expect. Carly has a strong following and will be safe tomorrow night.

Syesha Mercado

Wow, we can download out favorite songs from itunes. Like oh my god. She has done a lot of commercials back home in Miami. As an actress she thinks it’s always good to have something that separates you from other actors, and then she busts into the best baby cry ever. If she and Kady combine their talents they could do a traveling vaudeville show where Syesha pretends to be Brittany’s neglected child. She changes the words to Mr. Jones. What a shame, I was hoping we’d have our first lesbian tribute song in Idol history. I wonder if they would let Danny sing a song to a guy. The first third of the song is incredibly boring, but she kicks it up a notch into the second verse. She changes up the melody on the chorus and hits some big notes, especially her last note, which she sustains for quite some time. The last night might have just salvaged an otherwise boring ‘just ok’ performance considering it’s the last thing most people will remember from her song. That being said, I cannot imagine the judges, other than Paula, really loving her tonight. Randy loved her baby cry, but doesn’t think she was a great song choice for her for him, so he wants her to pick songs she can show off her big voice. He feels like she is uninterested in the softer voice. She was just “alright.” Paula thinks she tends to go off pitch on the softer notes. She did like her interpretation and the choices Syesha made. Simon thinks the song was indulgent, and probably a silly song to sing since it was not written for a girl. He was put off the moment she started it and doesn’t consider her choice particularly clever. Syesha says she changed the arrangment a little to make it her own. She did, her own ticket home. Just kidding, she should be safe tomorrow.


Wow, she went to beauty school. She enjoys doing hair because it’s an art form. I bet we get a joke of some kind from Ryan about Simon’s hair before Brooke is offstage. Brooke never finished beauty school; she makes the joke we could consider her a beauty school drop out. Nothing is funnier than a joke based on the musical Grease. About 45 people at home got that joke. Me, I’m going to have that song in my head for the next week. MAKE IT STOP! Ok back to Brooke. Interesting she is playing the guitar instead of the piano. She hits the pitch problems when she hits the chorus. She stops playing the guitar halfway through the song for a while. I guess singing and playing is a little too hard for Brooke. She flubs the chorus the second time around too. In fact, she sounds great on the entire song except the first part of the chorus. Maybe she is doing this on purpose, but if that is the case I cannot understand her stylistic decision to sing it this way. I wonder if the judges will ask her. Ok I am probably putting too much emphasis on one note. She sounds pretty good on the song, but like Syesha before her, this has a ‘so what’ feel. This might have been Brooke’s big chance to make an impression on people, but I think she misses the mark tonight. When she finishes the song I think she looks at Simon. Get it? He is so vain. I bet Ryan gave her the idea. You can hear Simon tell Paula “she was looking at me” when she finished the song. See, he really is so vain. Maybe she was looking at the wall behind you Simon! Randy says it was a great song choice, but he doesn’t know if she brought anything different to it. He asks her if she was looking over at the judges for a reason, maybe because one of them (Simon) is vain? Paula loves her voice and thinks Brooke picked the perfect song. Simon absolutely loved it! He calls it the perfect song choice and feels like she geunienly chose the song. Brooke says “WOW thank you so much.” Simon does in fact think the song is about him, as Ryan correctly notes. Brooke was really close to leaving out the guitar, but decided to keep it at the last second. She also thanks the band, which should give her some extra votes from the band and their family and friends. Brooke is really likeable and sounded pretty good tonight, so she should be safe, but I would not be shocked if she went home; Carly Simon is not exactly popular among the teen voters.

Ramiele Malubay

Back from commercial we join Ryan in the Coke room next to Ramiele. She says she was crying last week so much because she lost some really good friends to elimination. She used to Polynesian dance when she was younger. Then she demonstrates how you bust a move Polynesian style. She might just dance for us during a fast song. She is singing really slow to start the song. The song picks up in the middle part and she shows off her crazy big voice packed inside her small body. She might be going a little sharp on some of the higher notes. A few times I think she is screaming more than singing. After such a great performance last week I want more from her than a disco number. Even her outfit tonight is so what. She could wear this to the mall and not feel overdressed, if you are going 70s disco, give me a little sartorial eloquence. I’ve never been in a drag queen bar, but I think they would sing this type of song. Randy is laughing…uh oh this is sometimes really bad. He says tonight was a little rough for him, just ok vocally. He doesn’t understand why she sang this song. Paula loves her amazing vocals, but feels the same as Randy; the song has the same notes all throughout. Astonishingly Simon agrees with Paula. He has heard this song too many times at weddings, and will not remember this performance. The crowd is mildly booing. Simon thinks Ramiele is one of the top 3 best singers, but this wasn’t one of her best. Ryan tells Randy to make a note, “we will not be hearing this song at the wedding.” I assume he is talking about Simon’s wedding because he nearly coughs up his sip from the Coke glass when he hears Ryan’s joke. Ryan asks her about her song selection and she says she changed her song 4 times. She had slow songs and fast songs, but couldn’t decide which style was best. Ryan says sometimes you can over think your song choice. Paula says “right on Ryan.” Randy agrees; maybe we can have Ryan sit in as a judge one night instead of Paula. She can host the show. Can you imagine the train wreck that would ensure? That’s cant’ miss TV.

Kristy Lee Cook

Kristy thinks we would be surprised to learn she is a Tom Boy. Really? We know you love riding horses and are a cage fighter. Yup, never would have thought of her as a Tom Boy. I am so used to hearing her sing Amazing Grace I think I forgot she can sing this type of song. She hits just about every note and does her best to convey a little energy. Although I think a little moving around on the stage could really help. She has a lot of attitude in her voice. I hope the judges talk about her vocals and not her inability to really ‘get into’ the song. The last third of the song is really quite good. She dedicates the song to Jason Yeager. Randy says it’s a hundred percent improvement over last week, but he was looking for a breakout movement. He likes it. Paula welcomes Kristy back and thinks the song choice was in the pocket. Simon can’t even remember what she sang last week, but this week he says it’s a huge improvement. However, he doesn’t know what type of singer she really is, maybe country is her best genre. He thinks she has real potential. Kristy says she was on a ton of drugs last week. She is happy she was able to impress them this week and thinks next week she might do some country. Paula is a little confused about Kristy taking drugs and accosts her back stage screaming ‘give me your stash give me your stash.” Well it could happen, but what should not happen is Kristy going home. I think she should be safe after that song. But two need to go so we’ll have to see how the others perform before I declare Kristy safe and sound.

Amanda the rocking nurse

We learn Amanda is a book nerd. She likes reading about her favorite rock icons. I wonder if Simon will call her a nerd herd. She starts off the song in the chorus and her hair is huge tonight. She feels like she is about to fall behind the melody throughout the entire first half of the song and her lower register is not that strong. She shines in the chorus though and rocks out while the band plays the guitar solo. She tries to finish it off with a big note, but this is just a mess tonight. My hopes were high for Amanda tonight but she seems out of her league. If she was an athlete someone would investigate her for losing on purpose tonight. She looks like she has no confidence in herself when she finishes the song. She knows. Randy says it was not the right song choice, he thinks it has way too much melody with too many instrumental breaks. He thinks she was pitchy on the melodic verses. Paula loves Amanda’s dancing moves. When Paula leads off with your dancing abilities it’s her way of politely saying you sucked worse than Sanjaya. Paula suggests Amanda do what feels right when she picks a song, but this was not the right song. Simon feels like the entire song, her hair, her clothes, were contrived. He could not wait for her to stop singing. If she wants the popular vote he says she should do something different. Paula says Amanda is beautiful without all this makeup. Randy wants her to do bluesy rock. Amanda says she was raised on this type of music. She looks so devastated right now. She has a strong fan base and was pretty good last week, so I think Amanda should be safe. Who wants to say goodbye to America’s only rocking nurse?

Alaina Whitaker

When we return from the break Ryan is just finishing saying something to the contestants in the Coke Room. They all look like they are having a good time. Alaina cannot stand when the food on her plate touches other food on her plate. She hopes in a few years her obsessive-compulsive disorder will go away. This girl would be no fun at a buffet. She has to do well since I think the judges will be really harsh on her song choice. I have no real basis for this, just a feeling. She probably sang this during a high school production. She has a pretty voice and does really well on the first third of the song. Here comes the big part…she does a pretty good hitting the big note. I think she is adding a little something to it and not missing the note. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. She might go a little sharp on the next big note, but overall this is some pretty good singing. Randy doesn’t like her song choice and thought she went sharp. Paula thinks she did a real good job, but forgets how young Alaina is. She never forgets how young David A. is though! Simon likes her, but it’s almost as if her grandmother prepared you for the audition. He thinks she is too old fashioned tonight. It was too pageanty. On a positive note, he considers her a real dark horse; he likes her much more this week than few weeks ago. Alaina says she loves this dress; somewhere Monica Lewinsky is screaming “that’s my dress.” Alaina sang well enough to survive at this point most seasons, but I am not sure about tomorrow’s results. Based on the judges comments, if she survives perhaps we can expect her to slut it up next week.

Alex Lushington

She was the poster child for the Atlanta Fire Department because her dad like to set fires. Actually he was a firefighter. She sang at ground zero shortly after 9-11. Hear that America? If you do not vote for Alex you hate America and want the terrorists to win. This song was boring when Chicago sang it, and so far it’s boring tonight. Will the judges say Alex is more relevant than Alaina just because she is wearing an outfit that looks like Ray Charles put it together. What? Where am I? Sorry I passed out for a second. She literally bored me to sleep. Alright it’s not that bad, but close. Then she throws in an off pitch falsetto section near the end of the song. Wow this is bad, maybe the worst of the night. Why did she want to sing this song? When she finishes she looks away from the judges. She knows. Randy asks her why she did that and Paula says “awww” in the background. He then asks what she thinks about her performance, and she says “it’s over,” I think she means the song, and not her run on Idol. He loves her mad vocals and wants to see her keep away from the safe choices. She should always challenger herself, she says she understands. Paula feels she did let go because she did her own arrangment. She has been impressed with Alex since day one. Simon, a big fan of her early on, thinks she is struggling right now. He says the song is stuck in it’s time period and she was in and out of tune throughout the song. He loves her look, but thinks she was boring. Sge says she knew the song was right for her, and that’s all that matters. She hopes she can come back next week and prove herself.

Kady Malloy

What America doesn’t know is she can sing opera. She thinks we can hear a little opera in her singing. But she really lets loose with the opera in the bathroom. She thinks Simon will probably roll his eyes when he hears she sings opera. She starts at the top of the staircase. It is hard to hear her voice when the song begins. She is singing really low, almost too low, but she might be pulling it off. She sounds really good on the higher notes. I am not sure what to make of this tonight. Vocally she was much better last week but she is having more fun this week. So which standard will the judges use to evaluate Kady? Is singing or appearance more important at this moment? Randy asks her if she loves that song. He thinks it was an interesting song choice, but he never found the pitch from her, she never settled on the note. Paula likes it when she powered, but otherwise, on the low notes, she felt Kady was lost. Simon is struggling and frustrated because everything she does on film is fantastic, but then on stage it’s like she is trying to impersonate someone; the song did not go anywhere for Simon. He doesn’t understand why she can’t be as fantastic live as she is on tape. Paula says ‘let yourself be’ again. I think she said the same thing to Kady last week. Kday says she was just trying to have fun with the song. After two weeks of less than stellar performances, Kady is in trouble. But, he gives her the chance to do her Brittany voice. That should give her a few extra votes.

Asiah Epperson

She was a cheerleader in middle and high school. She loved cheer camp, in fact it was almost like Idol. You have to be excited or you fall on your face. After all that fun stuff, she is singing a sad song. Unlike Danny, her hair is straight. She is a little flat in the first part of the song. Ouch! She just lost her voice going into the chorus. I cannot remember a bigger ‘oh crap she screwed up’ moment in recent Idol history. Everyone knows this song, and everyone knows she just really missed a note. She thankfully hits the note the next time around, but she is screaming and not singing. Danny looks like he is going to cry when they show him on the couches. She finishes off the song powerfully, but that cannot compensate for the first 80 percent. Randy says it’s a difficult song, but he thinks she did a really good job. Paula says they were all rooting for her, but she thinks the low notes were troublesome. Simon says with an all time diva song you need to be one heck of a singer to pull it off, but she could not. She is not a good enough singer he says; the song showed her up and he thinks it was a silly song choice. She should be defending the song selection by invoking her dead father! Ryan asks if Asiah doesn’t take a risk will she be criticized for playing it safe? Simon’s response, “you’ve got to know your limitations Ryan, something you’ve managed to do quite well in your career.” Asiah is apparently really sick this week, maybe she will get the Kristy sympathy vote, if not, she is going home.

Final Thoughts

He says we’ll have at least two full hours to vote. Does that mean we might have more than 2 hours? Ryan once again fails to thank Simon. This should be getting old, but it’s funny every time. Who should go home? Tonight was really all over the place. I’m not sure anyone can really claim the ‘best of the night’ title, but if I had to give out the award, I think I’d give it to Kristy Lee Cook (maybe Carly but she went first so who even remembers her). Yeah, I’m surprised too. The guys really did outshine the girls this week. Because so many Idols forgot to show up, anything is possible tomorrow night. Asiah was the worst of the night, followed in no particular order by Alex, Kady, and Amanda. Who goes home depends on what criteria the audience uses to cast their votes. If they base it on the first two weeks, Kady goes home, but if they include the earlier rounds, Alex has to pack. Perhaps more so than any previous Idol elimination, I cannot make an educated guess for tomorrow’s kicked to the curb girls. One thing is certain however, someone with talent will leave Idol sooner than in previous seasons.


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